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Data Pack and Expert Commentary

Analyse School Performance (ASP) is the DfE’s system for reporting school performance data. The KS2 results and progress scores are published on ASP early in the autumn term. As we are accredited by the DfE and have access to the ASP database, we are able to both directly produce reports for schools using their pupil level data and compare these results to the national data.

Our KS2 ASP Report comes in 2 parts: a Data Pack that analyses your school’s KS2 results and Value Added scores and an Expert Commentary that summarises your school’s performance.

The Data Pack includes:

  • Analysis from pupil start points and for each of the key groups
  • A simple summary of the results with comparisons to similar schools (in terms of number of FSM, EAL & SEN)
  • National rankings on key measures

The Expert Commentary pays particular attention to the analysis of groups and gaps in performance within school and to national levels. The report suggests what the inspectors may focus on and seeks to guide your school towards their potential interpretations against the current Ofsted criteria.

Optional Extras

For a small additional charge we will summarise the key strengths and issues highlighted in your school’s IDSR as part of your Expert Commentary. This will include the “areas to investigate” and key points at subject and group level.

Additionally, we also offer an extra half day of in-school support in a format to suit you. This might involve:

  • An ASP training session with the SLT, with chance to examine the results in detail
  • A briefing for staff on the key points and therefore the priorities for the school
  • A summary briefing for governors including how the data will be used at inspection


*Frozen from 2018

KS2 ASP Report (Junior)£325
KS1+2 ASP Report (Primary)£590
Optional School Support Package£400 + travel expenses
Optional IDSR Report£37.50 per phase

Prices are exclusive of VAT. Group or cluster discounts are available and may include a free day of ASP training.

Data Security

For Schools Support Limited is a leading provider and trainer for the DfE ASP system.

We are ISO 27001 and Cyber Essential Plus certified and we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office. As part of our order process we will provide you with our Data Sharing Agreement.

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