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Get an independent interpretation of your Inspection Data Summary Report from Ofsted (IDSR) with our IDSR Report.

Ofsted inspectors use a school’s Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR) as the starting point for any inspection, with its front page summarising the key threads for the inspector’s enquires.

Our experts can provide your school with commentary to explain and interpret your IDSR. Page by page commentary makes sense of the charts and data so that it can be easily explained to staff and governors.

The commentary looks at:

  • Overall performance
  • Subject progress and outcomes over time
  • Group performance against their comparator, reflecting on the differences
  • Responses to the identified “areas to investigate” within the report
  • The key areas the school should consider further

We provide free telephone and Skype support for the review and can provide more detailed training either through Skype or in person for which there is an additional charge (see our Data Clinic page for more information).

Cluster and MAT groups will receive discounts and potentially free/discounted training.


*Frozen from 2018

IDSR Report - Primary£245
IDSR Report - Secondary£345

Prices are exclusive of VAT. Group or cluster discounts are available.

Data Security

We are ISO 27001 and Cyber Essential Plus certified and we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office. As part of our order process we will provide you with our Data Sharing Agreement.

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