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MAT or cluster accountability is increasingly becoming a focus for senior leaders (including trustees) within groups of schools. They are keen to evaluate the impact of interventions and support within their groups, so that the benefits of collaboration and school to school support can be clearly demonstrated for all (parents, staff and the wider community). Such accountability informs the evaluation of performance of MAT CEOs, cluster leaders and trustees.

Ofsted and the DfE are keen to see bench-marked standards develop so that successful and failing groups can be more easily identified for further expansion, to demonstrate successful strategies and where necessary to receive support and intervention themselves.

The DfE have made it clear that it will increase the accountability measures for MATs and has published Experimental Statistics (SFR 02/2017) that explores the relative performance of MATs. These measures are just as applicable for clusters of schools that operate closely together.

Our Group Performance Report contains:

  • a summary of the group and the context of individual schools and the length of time they have formed part of the group
  • MAT level issues of performance that are common across the group and areas of strength which have potential to raise standards across the group
  • MAT accountability measures both recommended by DfE and others bespoke to the MAT or cluster, including:
    • Progress measures aggregated to show MAT progress on two bases: firstly a straight aggregation weighted for the number of pupils in each school and the second in line with the DfE measure only including schools who have been in the MAT three full school years, weighted by the length of time in the MAT
    • The improvement (or deterioration) in progress measures over time within the MAT or cluster (changes in progress rates will also be shown at school level)
    • Outcomes measures for key subjects and groups at MAT level and their trend over time

If you would like to discuss a report for your group or cluster and would like to understand the likely cost please email or call 0800 788 0444 and ask for Andy Best.


The cost of these reports varies dependent upon:

  • number of schools involved;
  • the level of detailed analysis required;
  • the format of data provided.

The most basic report for small groups costs as little as £100 (+VAT) per school but more complex reports can cost up to £300 (+VAT) per school.

Data Security

For Schools Support Limited is a leading provider and trainer for the DfE ASP system.

We are ISO 27001 and Cyber Essential Plus certified and we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office. As part of our order process we will provide you with our Data Sharing Agreement.

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