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5 Modules —

100s of Possibilities

An affordable online school improvement tool that’s so flexible, you’ll think it’s been tailor made for your school.

Lessons Learned helps you to effectively manage your school and staff improvement processes and can save valuable leadership time. Used in over 450 schools across the UK and beyond, our customer base continues to grow thanks to our outstanding support and ever-evolving system.

Pick from up to 5 modules to build a system that meets your school’s requirements.

Teaching and Learning Development Module

The Teaching and Learning Development Module can be used to store all of the forms your school uses for lesson visits, learning walks, book looks and more.

Data from forms logged on the system feeds into a series of analysis screens from where summary level information can be attained for sharing with governors and trustees. Detailed development issues and actions can be easily tracked by senior leaders and individual teachers can follow their own development over time.

Staff Appraisal and Development Module

The Staff Appraisal and Development Module supports well-structured and regular progress reviews for staff against their annual objectives and highlights the support they need to achieve them. Activity reports provide senior leaders with summary details of the staff appraisal process.

The online portal supports a school wide approach to the setting and monitoring of staff performance objectives. Staff can access their own objectives as and when they need to, adding evidence of their progress so far and keeping notes for discussion later. The SLT has an overview of which objectives have been met and can share this information anonymously with governors and external parties.

360 Review Module

The 360 Review Module recognises the importance of self-reflection and helps schools to make the most of this within their school improvement processes. Using radar charts (or spider web charts), the module can be used to complete self, peer and other types of review against many different elements of practice, such as the Teachers’ standards.

The advantage of using radar charts lies in the way they lend themselves to analysis – create simple, visual representations of progress over time by overlaying individual self reviews or use the same approach to distinguish a difference of opinion by comparing self reviews to peer reviews.

School Development Module

Our School Development Module supports the whole school improvement cycle from gathering and analysing evidence to support the current situation (SEF) to planning and implementing actions for improvement (SDP).

The system allows you to create customised, online templates for your SEF and SDP documents which can be used throughout the school to show how both the school and individual departments are progressing with their priorities.

Continuing Professional Development Module

With the Continuing Professional Development Module you can keep track of all the courses and training attended by staff in your school and use the feedback given by them to shape your CPD plan going forwards. This module is free with any other purchased module.

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