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Our Staff Surveys offer outstanding value and provide essential feedback from all your staff.

The most valuable asset a school has is the people who work within it. They know the school best and contribute the most. Their views are vital if continuous improvement is to be maintained.

We offer two surveys (Wellbeing and Ofsted Ready) which will inform your self-review processes and assist in future planning. The surveys can be taken together, separately or as a mixture of questions within each survey area – this flexibility is a powerful tool for schools to capture their staff attitudes on key aspects.

For all surveys the views of staff with different roles are compared so that senior leaders can see with absolute clarity the perception of how the school operates from different groups points of view.

Schools select or adjust the questions or add their own, although if changes are significant then there may be an additional bespoking fee. We are happy to provide advice and help you devise a survey that meets your needs.

All our surveys are designed to be completed online although if you prefer we can print, deliver, collect and process paper surveys. We analyse your results and provide electronic copies of the clear colourful charts and data tables. Paper reports can be provided on request. More importantly, your results will be with you within 7 working days.


Standard Survey Price From
0 - 199
200 - 499
500 - 999
1000 - 1300***
Optional Consultant Report
Single Survey**
Two Surveys
Three Surveys
Additional Surveys Beyond Three
If you require Governance Self-Review Surveys, a bespoke survey or surveys for a MAT or group of schools, please contact us to discuss your needs.
Discounts are also available for repeat surveys during the same school year.
Paper reports are available from £50+VAT.
*Prices are before VAT. They include initial consultation and design of survey, printing, sending, collection and processing if papers surveys chosen and analysis of the results.
**Surveys include Pupil Voice; Parent Voice; Staff Voice; Aids and Barriers to Learning; Curriculum & Learning.
***For schools with 1300+ pupils, please contact us for a quote.

Useful Information

Schools provide an online questionnaire to staff and pupils to fill in during inspections. Ofsted will give the school details of the online process when notifying them about the inspection.

Staff can fill this in until the second day of the inspection at 11am.

To see the questions the online questionnaire will ask, click here. The questionnaires are confidential and complement evidence that inspectors gather from talking to pupils and staff during the inspection.

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